Strong partners
make us stronger

It doesn’t matter that our in-house know-how is second to none in the industry, if our suppliers cannot keep up. Which is why we establish long-term strategic partnerships with our key suppliers. This guarantees the quality of our systems and parts as well as providing the necessary flexibility to meet highly specific client needs.

10-year partnership with KUKA

the maker of the World’s Strongest Robot

Why have we been a KUKA system partner for more than 10 years? A number of reasons, but the most important is that the partnership gives us access to a complete program of six-axis articulated robots, enabling us to design virtually anything that requires high-tech industrial robotic technology. And well … we also think it is kind of cool that they hold the record for the World´s Strongest Robot

Close co-working with MAXAGV

a specialist in automatic transport systems

At CH System, we have a close collaboration with Swedish MAXAGV, who are experts in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions. One of the many advantages of MAXAGV’s systems is their user-friendly and easy-configurable software that provides maximum flexibility and minimum downtime as well as high-tech functionality, such as 3D monitoring, statistics, reports and diagnostics.